Monday, October 29, 2012

"You just get cuter and cuter!"


Oops.  It's been several days since my last post.  Honestly, I haven't even been on the computer in a few days.  Partially because the computer gets used a lot by other siblings, and partially because I haven't had anything to post about. 

I finally wore something outfit post worthy to church yesterday.  I recieved some very nice compliments from very nice people, which is always encouraging.  (See post title)  People also kept asking me why I was so dressed up.  I thought I was dressed fairly casually with the long cardigan and whatnot, but it doesn't matter.  It was comfortable and I felt pretty in it. 

Anyway, this outfit was a great way to get more wear out of a summery dress.  The long cardigan with a belt was a twist on the traditional dress and cardigan combo.   This look would be awesome with boots, but my only pair is wintery and furry and I thought that would look weird.  I need to get me some new boots...

How do you transition your dresses to fall?


Dress: Old Navy.  Cardigan: my mom's (Chadwicks)  Belt: thrifted.  Tights: my mom's.  Silver flats: thrifted.  Ring: my great-grandmother's.

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