Sunday, October 21, 2012

Plaid and Polka Dots: Baby Steps to Pattern Mixing

Just a quick outfit post for ya.  I wore this a few days ago, and it was a really basic outfit.  But I liked the red polka dot shoes with the plaid shirt.  I'm not usually very confident when it comes to pattern mixing, but this was a baby step.  :)

Say, do any of you use Go Chic or Go Home?  It's a website that you allows you to upload pictures of your clothes, then you can drag and drop them to create outfits.  It's great for planning purposes and for finding new ways to remix your clothes.  I signed up this week and got carried away taking pictures of my clothes and uploading them.  I think I put most of my wardrobe up.  Ha ha.  But I've already spotted some outfit possibilities that I might not have thought of otherwise.  If you are already part of the site, let me know and maybe we can follow each other?  If you're not, check it out.  You may want to give it a try!  You do have to be invited, or request an invite, though.  If you want to give me an email address or something, though, I'd love to send you an invite!

I'm not affiliated with Go Chic or Go Home or anything, I just thought you might be interested in hearing about a good tool to help you discover new possibilities for your wardrobe.  It's great for thrifty gals like me who want to wear new outfits, without buying new clothes all the time.  :)


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