Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Little Bit 90s


 (Please ignore the very puffy hair.  I desperately need a haircut!)
I knew I wanted to wear this skirt to church on Sunday, because it's been sitting in my closet for a while without being worn.  It's a super fun reversible wrap skirt, but sometimes I can't figure out what to wear with it.  I decided black was a safe choice for shirt color, but it still needed something.  On a whim, I tried my denim vest over the top with a belt.  The result was a little unusual, but I liked it!  The oversized denim seems a little 90s, but hey, I am a 90's kid after all!  ;)


P.S. Sorry for the overdue post, but we've been having computer problems.  One of them being that I can't seem to find a time when my brother isn't using the computer!  Ha ha.

Skirt: a little shop in a little town whose name I can't recall.  Vest: refashion.  Black shirt: Old Navy.  Tights: Marshalls.  Shoes: Payless Shoes.  Belt: stolen from my grandma. :)  Hair: Winter frizziness.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frost and Light


The mornings have been very frosty lately.  I grabbed my camera and boots and went out to take a few shots of the ice-frosted world, and got distracted by the light and shadow on a plant by the house.  The morning light shone through the transparent leaves, and I thought it was quite beautiful. 

"Last summer, in the farmyard, I was drawing something that was quite lovely in the sun, and suddenly, I realized I was drawing the pigs' swill bucket. I had to laugh at myself."
- Miss Potter

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Swing of Things

So...maybe the whole blogging break thing wasn't the best thing for my posting habits.  I've been having a hard time posting consistently, mainly because I have a hard time thinking of things to post about.  Fortunately, I went thrifting yesterday, and got a couple things that will surface as a post soon.  I think perhaps I need to take a look at my "projects to be done" box and remind myself what is inside.  I need a creative project to get me going.  And to share with my loyal followers.  For now, this outfit will have to do.  Sorry I look really tired (or something) in these pictures.  It was the end of the day.

This outfit was pretty basic, but I liked the colors and felt cute and comfortable for work.  Yes, cute and comfortable can go together!  :)
How has your week been? 
Pants: Old Navy.  Striped tank: H&M.  Cardigan: thrifted (for $6 and it's cashmere!) Scarf: gift (but it's from Disneyland.)  Necklace: Claire's.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Who's Who: Key Edition

A few weeks after I got my job, I was handed a set of keys.  These keys looked exactly the same, but they went to different doors.  For the first day or so, I had to look at the little tiny words stamped on the keys to be able to tell them apart.  So I took them home and painted them different colors.  It worked great, but the paint (or nail polish, rather) has chipped so I had to repaint them today.  So, like any good blogger, I took pictures of the process to show the world and help out any who may be having the "Help, my keys are identical twins!" problem.  :)
Step 1: Gather supplies.  You'll need your keys, nail polish (a different color for each key, obviously), topcoat and something to protect your work surface from clumsiness.  Oh, you'll also want a movie to watch, book to read, or some other project to work on while things are drying.
 (See?  I told you they were hard to tell apart.)

Step 2: Paint the keys like you would paint your nails!  Let one side dry, then flip it over and do the other side.  You may want to do multiple coats, it's up to you.  Personally, I added a layer of glitter nail polish to one of mine for some extra bling.  This step is when you'll need another source of entertainment, because waiting for all those coats to dry gets boring.

 Step 3 is optional. I just added a topcoat to my keys to hopefully extend the life of the nail polish.  This project is really just like doing your nails.

This is a super basic project, and I'm sure y'all are smart enough to think of it, and figure out how to do it without my help, but I thought I'd post anyway.  Because I'm a blogger, and it's what we do.  ;)


Monday, January 7, 2013

I have returned!

Hello friends!  December is over and life can resume again.  Yikes.  It was a crazy month, and I feel like it's finally my Christmas break, even though Christmas is over.  My work schedule is much less busy and I should be able to get back into sewing, crafting, blogging and thinking up cute outfits.  Yay! 
So, you've all probably seen posts where someone takes an outfit they've found on Pinterest or somewhere else, and tries to recreate it with their own clothes.  It's such fun!  And that's what I did when I came up with this outfit a couple weeks ago.  I saw this picture on Pinterest, (original source) and liked the idea of the denim vest over the comfy cozy sweater.  I didn't immediately recreate the look, but I remembered it, and tried it out a couple days later.  I think my version turned out pretty cute!  That's always a good feeling.
The Pinterest version:
My version:

If you were looking closely, you might have noticed the little camera shutter trigger in my hand.  I finally got one, and I must say, it makes self portraits/outfit photos so much easier!  I don't have to keep running back and forth to the camera!  I haven't gotten the knack of hiding it in my hand yet, but that'll come.  ;)
Well, I look forward to rejoining the wonderful world of blogging.  See you again soon!

Sweater: thrifted.  Denim vest: refashioned.  Jeans: thrifted. Green tank: Old Navy.  Scarf and Necklace: Claire's.  Turban/headband: gift.  Boots: Nordstrom Rack.