Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Quest for the Terrarium

I keep seeing pictures of cute terrariums and mini gardens.  I wanted one.  So I decided to try my hand at it.  It was an adventure.  First of all, I needed a jar or bowl, so I found one in my sister's fort (she said I could use it) that was full of rotting vegetation of some sort.  I cleaned it out and put some pepples and dirt in it.  Then I needed to find my plants.
But I got sidetracked taking pretty pictures. 
And making new friends.
And walking through and taking pictures of spider webs all aglow in the afternoon sun.
I found some moss and a little sprig of something to plant in my jar.   I gave it a little water and brought it inside.
Then I searched the house for little things to inhabit my terrarium.  I found a little bunny and Piglet.  Perfect.  And a bottle cap for good measure, just cuz I love bottle caps.  One of my weird obsessions.
Now my mini garden lives on my bedside table.  We'll see if it thrives or dies.  But making it was sure a fun use of an afternoon.  Because in my heart, I will always be a country girl who loves traipsing around in nature with only her imagination for a companion, discovering beautiful things that her Creator has made.  And having a little piece of the beautiful indoors by my bed sounds lovely too.  :)
P.S. Sorry for waxing poetic/nostalgic/sappy at the end there.  ;)


Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

Aww don't apologize for writing your heart! Afterall, this is YOUR blog! I love all the nature photos! :)

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

Niki said...

Ha ha, thanks! :)