Wednesday, September 12, 2012

From Stem to Stern

 I LOVE the nautical trend.  I loved it before it was cool.  ;)  I've always adored the ocean, the beach, seashells, ships, ect.  And a few years ago, my best friend and I decided that an (imaginary) tall, dark and handsome sailor was the love of my life.   Oh yes.  Be jealous.  :)  So I adore the whole nautical theme.  Partly because I adore my imaginary sailor boy.  Kidding.  Sort of.... ;)
And in case you were wondering, this skirt is the mystery project I hinted at the other day in my post about dyeing.  I found five yard of this wonderful striped fabric at Goodwill for $5 and knew it would be a wonderful skirt.  And I still have a bunch left for other projects!  I don't have a tutorial for you, because I was just kind of winging it, but this is good one.  I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, but I'm debating making the skirt a little narrower because it tends to look a little too full around the hips.  Thoughts?

Stripes are very sailor-esque, so I paired my new skirt with a shirt with an anchor design on it.  (One of my favorite, most comfortable shirts, by the way.)  I added a belt to pull it all together.  And of course, a fish tail braid. 
I would love to style this skirt with a white t-shirt and cardigan or something too, but I need to buy a white tee first.  I know.  Shocking as it is, I do not own a white t-shirt.  That needs to change. 
How do you feel about the nautical trend?
Skirt: self-made.  Anchor shirt: Old Navy (clearance!) Belt: thrifted.  Shoes: thrifted.  Hair: fishtail


Desiree said...

I lovelovelove nautical-inspired style. Nice work on the skirt and thanks for stopping by my blog.

Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

Love this outfit! I woudl totally wear it!!!

Btw...I wish you would add the follow via email link so I can get your posts! I follow so many blogs that I have to follow by email or I miss most everything. Just a thought!

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

Niki said...

Thank you both! And I'll look into the follow by email thing. :)


Niki said...

I added the follow by email feature. Thanks for the suggestion!