Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall Wardrobe Wants

This is a list of things I would love to thrift/refashion/somehow aquire for this fall.  These are not needs, merely wants.  There is a big difference.  And obviously, thrifting/refashioning would be ideal, but I might cave and buy some of these items new for my "I've reached my goal weight" shopping trip.  :)
1.  More cardigans and sweaters!  Comfy, cozy and cute.  I'd love to have a mustard yellow one, though I'm not sure how it would look with my complexion. 
2.  Colored jeans.  I really want a pair of colored skinnies.  I've seen several ways to make them yourself, but my experiences with dye thus far have not left me extremely optimistic.  So I might have to buy them new, since I've never seen any at the thrift stores.
3.  A plaid flannel shirt, preferably red.  I could possibly refashion one from a men's shirt. 
4. A plain white tee.  Simply because I don't own one, and I have lots of colored/patterned skirts that I need a plain shirt to wear with.
5.  A denim jacket or the perfect denim/chambray shirt.
6.  Oxfords.  So cute.
7.  Non-furry boots.  The boots I have have fur around the edges, so I'd love a pair without.
8.  A pair of jeans that fit me well.  Maybe skinny, maybe not.
9.  Extra number. Oops.
10.  Lace.  Plain lace fabric, preferably, but maybe a lace shirt, skirt or dress.
11.  Lace-up ankle boots.  Like the ones they wear in Little House on the Prairie.
12.  This one's just silly, and not really specific for fall.  A fedora.  I've seen so many pictures of people looking incredibly cute in them that I want to try one.  If I can find one that fits my head.  I sometimes have a hard time finding hats that fit.
So there you have it.  Some of the things on my wishlist for fall and winter.
And a question for my readers.  Would any of you be interested in a post or series of posts about transitioning your summer clothes into fall?  Please let me know your thoughts, or any particular clothing items you would like to see featured.  Thanks!


Ariel said...

Love love love your choices here!!! So fall and so adorable!

Niki said...

Thanks! :)


Cody Westerberg said...

I am so happy to see that I am not the only one with the same list.

Now I just have to figure out how to wear them all. lol.

Thanks for sharing.

Niki said...

Ha ha yeah. The colored jeans would take a little experimenting, I think. :) Thanks for visiting!

Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

I love flannel shirts! I actually have three...one of which I plan to refashion in the next few days and write a tutorial for!

Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

Niki said...

Ooh, I look forward to reading your post about it!