Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Amazing T-Shirt Scarf!

Sooooo...please excuse the awkward-self-portrait-style pictures in today's post.  Hopefully you will still find the styling tips useful.  :)
I made this scarf a few days ago from a XXL t-shirt I got at Old Navy for 97 cents.  (Yeah, 97 cents!  That particular color and style of t-shirt was on clearance.  I bought 7.  1 for each of my sisters, and a few extras for projects.)  Sorry, that was a rabbit trail...Anywhoo.  To make this scarf, I just cut the bottom of the shirt off right under the arms.  Bam!  Instant infinity scarf. 
So then I decided to explore some ways to wear it:

The double loop.  A classic.

 The turban twist.  Instead of doing a half twist before doubling it, do a full twist.  You end up with a knotted/twist thing in front.

This is the turban loop version, but around my head, like a real turban.  :)

Ok, so this one may not work unless you're cruising down Route 66 in a red convertible.  But hey, I can dream.  :)

You can wear the scarf over your shoulders as a sort of shawl.  Maybe over a dress?  I did a half twist in mine just to add a nice twist detail to the front and back.

Lastly, the faux bolero jacket.  Put the scarf around your waist/chest, then pull the front over behind your neck.  You'll probably want to use a safety pin or two to hold the back edges together, kind of like the scarf vest from yesterday's post.
This just goes to show that you never know what you'll come up with if you just spend a few minutes playing around with your clothes!


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