Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Saturday Off

Busy.  I've been busy.  To busy to work on sewing projects or outfit posts.  I've worked every day this week.  Thursday and Friday were 8 hour shifts and I came home too tired to put any effort into a blog post.  I've also been weirdly emotional or something this week.  Maybe I've just been tired. 

I had every intention of sewing on one of my many projects tonight, but my sister roped me in to help her make a gift for our little sister's b-day in two weeks.  It was a sweet idea, but she was up late last night, so her patience level was short.  Her little bunny turned out cute, though.  We were inspired by this post, but added some details of our own.  I'll try to get a picture of it tomorrow maybe. 

Today was a fun day though, and it was my day off.  We went to Philip Foster Farm this morning, and I took a bunch of pictures, so maybe some of those will be posted tomorrow as well.  For you non-Oregonians, Philip Foster Farm is a historical site of the house of someone who came here on the Oregon Trail.  There's hands-on stuff you can do and it's fun. 

Then a friend of mine hosted a girl's bible study/hang out thing this afternoon.  I hadn't spent time with friends in a couple weeks, and I almost forgot how much I like them.  We talked about women of the Bible, which was awesome too.  I definitely noticed some good stuff in the passages about Mary and Martha.  It was some much needed Bible and social time. 

Well, time for bed.  Hope you all are having a good weekend so far.  :)


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