Monday, August 6, 2012

Tie-front Tank Top Tutorial

Did you notice the alliteration in my post title?  Yeah.  I didn't plan that.  Really. 

Well, now that I'm done being distracted by my own cleverness, I have a quick tutorial for you. 

I found this awesome blue men's shirt at a local thrift store. I was going to buy it anyway, but it ended up being half off. It was a total score at $1.50! It has a super subtle pattern and I love the color of it.
It's not the best picture. Sorry.

Confession.  This is only going to be half a tutorial, because I actually followed Cotton and Curl's tutorial for the first half of my refashion. 
So step 1 is to go to her awesome blog and follow her instructions for this tank top.  ;) 

Step 2 is to create the tie front.  I did this by folding my shirt in half so that the sleeves and side seams were in the center.  Make sense?  Then I cut a straight line from the back of the shirt to the side seams.  Make sure you know how long you want the shirt before you cut it.  Once I got to the side seams, I started tapering my cut down to the end of the shirt.  This makes the shirt longer in front than in the back.  The picture should help explain what I mean.

When you're finished cutting, hem the bottom.  That's it!  Put in on and tie the two long ends together in the front. 

 Voila!  I didn't love the way the tank top turned out until I had the idea to make it into a tie front.  Now I think it's pretty cute, if I do say so myself.  It's super comfortable and cool for summer.  I wore it today with some shorts and am going to try to figure out a way to transition it into an outfit for work tonight.  Thanks for reading!


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