Friday, March 8, 2013

The Long and Short of It...

Recognize this maxi skirt?  I've worn it for a few other outfit posts.  But this time, I did something different.  I made it shorter because I wanted to be able to wear my purple boots.  How, you ask?  I pulled it up under my arms as if I was going to wear it as a dress, and then wore a tighter-fitting tank top over the top of the whole thing.  Ta-dah!  A shorter skirt.  I was proud of myself, and shocked that it didn't even look bunchy and bulgy.  Of course, scarves cover a multitude of issues.  :)

Have you found any new and exciting outfit possibilities lately?


Skirt: refashion.  Tank: H&M.  Jacket: thrifted.  Boots: thrifted.  Scarf: my mom's.  Hat: craft bazaar.


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