Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Please Pass the Mustard!

Not my best selfies in today's post, but I wanted to show you a skirt I recently acquired from the sale rack at Fred Meyer.  It's a basic black skirt, with a pink waistband.  Black skirts are always classic choices, and this one is really light weight and I think it will be great for traveling.  It doesn't seem like it will wrinkle too bad.  I'll get to test it really soon, because my mom and I have a wonderful opportunity to take a business/pleasure trip to Europe!  Sooooooooo excited!  I'll bring back many, many pictures, I promise!
Anyway, for this outfit I paired the skirt with a striped shirt, mustard scarf, tights, boots and my denim jacket.  I made the scarf all by myself, but I think I need to get another skein of yarn and add a few more rows.  Chunky scarves are always fun.  And it's mustard yellow!  Believe it or not, it's the only mustard color item in my wardrobe.  :)
Skirt: Fred Meyer.  Shirt: Kohl's.  Tights: Marshall's.  Jacket and boots: thrifted.  Scarf: self-made.

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