Monday, January 9, 2012

Sidewalk chalk for big kids

A clean chalkboard is so tempting. It invites you to let loose your creativity upon it. Sitting in class today, I noticed that all of the chalkboards were super clean. They didn't even have eraser marks. It was weird. But I felt like a small child, sitting in my little desk and staring at the chalkboard erasers, wanting to bang them together to create a small dust cloud. Or at least write my name on the little corner by my head. I managed to refrain from doing either of these things.

I've had an obsession with chalkboard paint for a little while now. Well, maybe not an obsession, but I do keep seeing ideas and really wanting to have them in my house someday. Here are a couple that I love. Gorgeous, right? And fun. I wouldn't mind doing this to any wall, but it's more unexpected in the bathroom. I would prefer to have a real mirror though.

Oh. My. Word. If I could draw like that, I would paint my whole room in chalk. Or maybe just fill up lots of sketchbooks.

A more practical application. A wall calender. Except I hate schedules...But they're a necessary part of life, and chalk would make it more fun.

Jar labels. Genius!

So cool, right? Who wouldn't want to draw on their refrigerator? Or, for the more practical minded, write grocery lists. This is a fun little idea that could be used for so much more than herb pots. It'd be a great way to mark cups for parties!

The possibilites for chalkboard paint are endless. It would have been super cool to paint my alarm clock (see previous post) with chalkboard paint...Someday, I will get myself some of this paint and paint something. I just have to decide what. My dresser? Desk? Door? Lamp? We shall see...



Picture credits:,,,20409258,00.html, and I can't find the rest! Oops...So I apologize. If anyone knows the sources of the rest of these photos, please let me know so I can put them in here!

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