Sunday, January 8, 2012

Even alarm clocks need makeovers sometimes!

So one day, about two weeks ago, I was feeling creative. Sometimes, this feeling comes when I'm bored and have nothing better to do than make something fun. Anyhoo, my eyes fell on my alarm clock and decided that I might as well paint it, because I've always thought it was ugly anyway. And because I knew that someone else in the world was probably wondering, "How do I paint my alarm clock?" I took pictures of the process. (You've never thought about painting your clock before? you have!)

Here's your "before" picture. Standard digital clock with a weird faux-wood thing goin' on. Yeesh. When was this ever stylish? And more to the point, why have I lived with this clock for so long?
Step 1: Paint your clock the desired color. It may take several coats. I used cream-colored acrylic paint, although I'm not sure that this was the best kind of paint to use. I think it might start peeling the more it is handled. Fortunately, you don't usually move your alarm clocks around too much...

Step 2: Paint an accent color. I chose gold because...well, because it's shiny and fun. I painted the buttons and around the clock face. But be creative. You could paint designs instead, or whatever. A chevron pattern would look awesome! Oh, and I (finally) got smart and put tape on the clock part to protect it from the results of my not-so-steady hands.

Step 3: Embellish! I decided to glue on buttons for a polka-dot feel.

Step 4: Enjoy your new-and-improved timepiece!

So there ya have it! An easy way to give your clock a fun, quirky facelift! Get it? Facelift? Because clocks have faces? Lame pun for the day... Well, that's it for now. Comments appreciated!



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